The Journey Begins

Hello there.    I have been a Delphi developer for the past 15 years.   I love the tool and the language.   However, I fell into a trap that I’ve only recently freed myself from.   I was so enamored with Delphi, that I refused to learn any other language and tool.   I had forgotten that being a software developer and programmer meant I could use any language to develop systems and solve problems, and the tool doesn’t matter.

How did I come to realize this?  Well, if Delphi were still alive and doing well, I probably would still be on the Delphi kick.   However, it is slowly dying on the vine, and other languages like C#, Java, Objective C, and Actionscript (Flex/Flash) are more prevalent. Delphi might have a revival with cross-platform and 64-bit features on the horizon.  Until then, however, it would behoove me to broaden my horizons and get some experience with other languages/environments.

The first language/environment that I will tackle is Visual Studio 2010 and C#.   I have done some ASP.Net development with Delphi 2005 – Delphi 2007, but in the Pascal language.   I have also taken a class in C# and played around with Visual Studio 2008, but I have not developed a real program.  I have some books that will introduce me to the language, and I have a project in mind that will involve ADO.Net access to SQL Server.  I will first write the applicate with ASP.Net, then WPF and then Silverlight (not sure if WPF and Silverlight are the same).

As I go along, I’ll post some tidbits about my experiences, and maybe some coding samples.


About loong

Male, 40, married, computer programmer. Like Sci Fi, Music, Martial Arts, computers.
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One Response to The Journey Begins

  1. loong says:

    Don’t count Delphi out as yet. It will outlast C#. It now supports 64-bit, Mac OS X, and iOS. Web apps suck…

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